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First Time CITIC DICASTAL Won “Oscar Design Award” from Germany iF Industrie Forum Design

On 4th February, the German iF Design Award, known as the "Oscar" in the design field, was officially announced. The design work "Deformable Wheel Design Project" by the team from Innovation Design Center of CITIC DICASTAL Institute of Engineering and Technology relying on its unique humanized design ideas and outstanding appearance design, drew the attention of international design celebrities and won the iF2020 design award. This is the first time that CITIC DICATAL gets an internationally renowned design award.

The German iF Design Award is one of the most important design awards in the world. It was established in Germany by iF Industrie Forum Design which is the agency that has the longest history in industrial design filed and widely known for its "independent, rigorous, and reliable" judging philosophy, and is symbolized the achievement of outstanding design. In 2020, from January 21st to 23rd, iF Industrial Design Awards ceremony was held in Hamburg, Germany. After three days of intense discussion, testing and evaluation, the design work "Deformable Wheel Design Project" from the team of CITIC DICASTAL Innovation Design Center stood out from a total of 7,298 entries from 56 countries and eventually became 2020 iF Design award winners. The deformable wheel gives the wheel a new design concept through personalized plug-in design, changeable color and texture matching, and the concept of visual weight reduction. The plug-in structure was optimized several times, enabling easy and quick assembly, meanwhile safe and reliable.

In the future, CITIC DICASTAL will continue to uphold the concept of "innovation", boldly explore and practice, and create new possibilities in personalized modeling design, systematic product solutions, and superior product quality, and finally to realize the seamless transformation from modeling concepts to physical products, create product value, increase the added value of wheel products. With all of those efforts, Dicastal will strive continuously to serve global customers better and help increase the global influence of "CITIC Manufacturing" as well as "Made in China".